Dr. Moskow uses a blend of acupuncture techniques, functional medicine, quantum nutrition, applied kinesiology, vibrational sound therapy, emotional reprogramming, homeopathy and counseling with the goal of optimal & lasting holistic health for his clients.

Some clients do first come only for physical symptom relief but they eventually feel the effects beyond the physical, motivating them to keep doing the work. Dr. Moskow has worked with some clients for years and they remark that they can not necessarily pinpoint how they are now different from how they were when they started but they have a knowing.  A knowing of being a different person.  They feel differently, act differently, react differently.  They see life differently and feel they have had wisdom instilled in their being.

Main Components of the Holistic Health Restoration

  1. Physical Clearing, Strengthening & Inflammatory Triggers Clearance
  2. Conduit Clearing
  3. Emotional Clearing
  4. Consciousness & Connection Sessions
1. Physical Clearing, Strengthening & Inflammatory Triggers Clearance
  • Physical Symptom (Sx) elimination – The first step to treating someone is getting rid of physical pain and acute symptoms. If you are in pain, the mind, body and beyond are dedicating energetic resources to resolving the acute condition, therefore elevation of one’s vibration will be put “on hold” until acute symptoms are resolved.  Treatment and diagnostics might include:
  • Elimination Diet to purify the body and eliminate common food sensitivities
  • Nutrient/Detox supplementation via Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)
  • Acupuncture for Sx, digestion support, circulation and nervous system support
  • Functional Blood/Saliva testing both for deficiencies and for food sensitivities which can contribute to inflammation
2. Conduit Clearing
  • Creating Optimal Physical-Energetic Conduit with hydration & PH balance
  • Interference Field (IF) Clearing with IPack Mud Therapy
  • QRA and Mud therapy on the command centers (chakras)
1. Emotional Clearing
  • Emotional Reprogramming Technique (ERT) – Eliminate unconscious emotional blocks to health & connection
  • Flower essence – Homeopathic remedy combination testing and delivery
1. Consciousness and Connection
  • Esoteric Acupuncture protocols
  • Sound therapy
  • Experience & Realization discussion sessions
1. Ongoing Holistic Health Maintenance
  • Continue Acupuncture and Sound therapy and counseling as recommended or desired
  • Continue proper hydration and PH balance
  • Elimination diet and detox 1-2/year
  • QRA for physical needs 3-4/year
  • Clearing circulatory stagnation, IF’s, physical Sx as needed