Please feel free to read some of our patient testimonials below.  We are delighted that our patients think so highly of us!  You can also click on the badge below for 3rd party confirmed reviews.

Stress Relief

“Experience the calm…  I have had 2 visits so far, my second experience with Dr. Adam was amazing for me. I felt relaxed and invigorated when I awoke. Looking forward to the next visit and the road to recovery.” –Louisa

“The name says it all. Not only affordable but the quality is excellent!  The first time I came to the office, I was under high stress. Adam came up with a program and since day 1 my stress is under control. I feel calm. I also have some kidney problems and currently Adam is working on that too, with not only acupuncture but with high-quality and affordable nutritional supplements.  I am at a stage I ‘m feeling better and better everyday. I will definitely recommend Adam.” –Erly

Tendonitis Relief!!!!

“I started getting acupuncture for the pain I was experiencing from tendonitis in both shoulders. I immediately felt relief. Within a few sessions, I was able to lift my arms and carry out daily routines that a GP said would take months. In short order, I discovered I also had relief from stress and tension. I recommend Adam to all my friends and colleagues and clients with any type of ailment, stress or ache. You’ll leave pain-free and calm.”  -Celia

Surgery Rehabilitation & Tinnitus

Acupuncture greatly reduced the ringing in my ears. Adam explained that it was caused by my liver and treated it accordingly. Acupuncture is just like law or any other type of medicine, you want the best. Recently, while exercising I tore my Achilles Tendon and had surgery. He found a way to reduce the swelling and helped me walk again. 7 weeks after surgery I am way ahead of my rehab schedule. I will gladly talk to anyone about the process, I’m a local attorney, just ask for my info.. -Glen

Hip Pain

“Dr. Adam is very calming and knowledgeable. I have improved about 75% since I started three treatments ago. The atmosphere in the office is relaxing and stress-free. Would recommend this treatment to anyone.” -Barbara

Pinched Nerve

I went for my 1st treatment after 2 1/2 months of feeling lousy from a pinched nerve. All I can say is that I now feel so much better, mentally and physically! – Adam is understanding, patient and really good at his trade. I highly recommend him. -Kari

I’m Hooked

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Adam . He is truly interested in helping you get better quickly. I value his philosophy in getting and keeping yourself in balance. I’d recommend and refer Dr. Adam all day long!”-Carole

A Great Experience.

“… another happy, satisfied customer here. I came to Adam after going to another acupuncturist, and I’m so grateful I made the switch. Adam is very professional and personable, and he seems to genuinely care about healing. I’m definitely a convert.”  -Heidi

Completely Pleased!

I have been a client of Dr. Moskow’s for almost 7 months now, and I am completely pleased. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is open-minded. He really wants to help me heal and get to the root of my problems. He gives me hope, and I leave feeling better each time!”-Kristy

Great Acupuncture

Adam gets to the root of the problem quickly and with no nonsense. I went to a very expensive acupuncturist in the past, but Adam is the best! Ft. Lauderdale is lucky to have him. -Glen

Feeling Good

Affordable Acupuncture of Fort Lauderdale, should be the first place anyone new to acupuncture must go. The Team there made me feel very comfortable from the first time.Also much improved in body and mind.  -Vincent

I Would Highly Recommend!

“I have been to many Acupuncture offices in South Florida over the past 5 years, many charging over $95 for one visit.  I truly believe this is the best office I have been to.  Dr. Adam Moskow’s office is so clean and beautiful.  He treats all patients like friends and is very focused on helping you.  On top of that, the pricing is the best I have seen.  I would highly recommend!”  -Peter

The Answer For Me

“I cannot believe how excited I was yesterday when I 1st saw Dr. Adam Moskow. All my hopes of getting relief have been restored. I can hardly wait to go back tomorrow for another session. I think this is the answer for me. Thanks to my son, I was referred to Dr. Adam. Someone is watching over me. Thank you whoever you are. I really believe this will be a 5-Star relationship.”  -Barry

Wonderful Experiences

“I am a recently new patient of Dr. Adam Moskow and have had only great experiences. The office is very professional, calming and he is focused on healing you individually. I chose to start acupuncture after many specialists told me my only option is pain medicine.” -Amanda

Phenomenal Results with my Neck Pain!

“After only two visits, Adam relieved the neck pain I’d been suffering with for six months. Sure beats the alternative of surgery and fusion. Bonus: I wake up more rested, I’m more clear-minded during the day, and I’ve broken through my weight-loss plateau. It surely is working for me. I recommend Adam to everyone, even though it means it’ll make it tougher for me to get an appointment!”  –Bruce

Breathing Much Easier…

“I recently started to get treated Affordable Acupuncture of Ft. Lauderdale and very quickly experienced good results from the treatment. The treatment here is different then other locations I have gone to. This is my first experience with the homeopathic therapy and acupuncture. I also appreciate the rationale and explanation of the different treatments given. This is the first time since the onset of my condition that I feel confident of some progress.” -Elsie

Fibroids & Irregular Menstruation

“The primary condition I sought help for where massive fibroids. Within a span of 10 years, I had 2 operations: Myomectomy in 2002 and Uterine Fibroid/Artery Embolization in 2007. The last procedure had very little effect on shrinking my numerous fibroids and my hormonal imbalance actually increased.  According to the last MRA taken in 2007, my uterus (in and out) was riddled with over 20 tumors, some as big as golf balls and some the size of small oranges. Although, I have a small frame (ht 5’4, wt 130) and never gave birth, my once 4 cm uterus expanded to the size of a woman carrying a 4-5 month old fetus. I felt heavy all the time and restricted my meal intake to avoid the extra heaviness that occurred after eating. As the tumors grew, they encroached on the space of my other internal organs, especially my bladder. My menstruation was heavy to the point of hemorrhage and I suffered from severe acne, hives and other skin conditions. Trying to live normally with the fibroids changed my life and eventually the strain of having them led me to resign from professional dance. The cost of dealing with fibroids through conventional medicine also almost bankrupted me.  I was fatigued from day to day physical and emotional burden, until I met Adam & Howard in 2008. As for cost, I wish I met gone to Wellness and Acupuncture earlier because they would have saved me thousands! Their plan was generous.  They explained costs, payment options and managed my expectations and questions with sensitivity and rationale. Adam & Howard are a generous practitioners, who extend themselves by educating the patient about preventative measures which can be taken in addition to the regimen prescribed.  My treatment began the first week of September 2008.  As early as late October/early November, results were evident. My fitness trainer asked me if I had changed my diet or visited the gym more frequently, because I began to lose that stubborn weight around my midsection. Fellow employees said my face looked lifted, which indicated that I was no longer grimacing from intense pelvic pain that is symptomatic of the tumors pressing against my internal organs. I looked more relaxed and my acne improved. By December, there was significantly less cramping and I lost more weight around my waist, which indicated that the fibroids were shrinking dramatically.  Today, my skin is stronger and breakouts are mild and infrequent. I am able to work out rigorously and build the strength and endurance I lost because of the burden of the fibroids.  I am determined to control this condition until I am liberated from it. Working with Adam & Howard builds that hope.”  -Shawn

Low Back Pain

“I am from Dix Hills, NY and was playing in a tennis tournament in Ft. Lauderdale.  I’ve had chronic back pain for years however, I have never had back spasms in the past until the first day of the tournament in Ft. Lauderdale.  I met Dr. Moskow at the tournament and I tried acupuncture treatment for the spasms.  I was skeptical because I have tried acupuncture treatment in the past and it only provided temporary relief.  Incredibly, a few needles in my hand and in my ear cured me of the spasms and lessened my back pain.  The spasms have not returned and, unfortunately for me, I will not know whether my back pain will continue to lessen because I live in NY and will not be able to have regular appointments with Dr. Moskow.  I highly recommend the acupuncture treatment provided by Affordable Accupuncture; Dr. Moskow is very knowledgeable and professional and I wish that he practiced in NY.”  -Toni

“I have had serious back problems for years.  My disks are deteriorating, bulging and herniated…ouch!  When I came to Wellness and Acupuncture I could barely stand up straight.  Howard put one needle in my left hand and within a few seconds I could bend over and touch my toes.  The best part is Howard & Adam still enjoy the smiles they see on their patients’ faces when they feel better and how patients are truly amazed that even one needle can do all that.  My back is doing much better.  The treatments helped me get back to work immediately.  Adam & Howard are very professional and knowledgeable.  I would, and do, recommend Wellness and Acupuncture to friends and colleagues.  I could literally write a book about my experience with Wellness and Acupuncture.  In place of that, I will describe my experience in two words: absolutely enlightening!”  -James

Migraines & Ulcerative Colitis

“I am a 41 year old man who has suffered from migraines for several years. Migraines run in my family. It was not uncommon for me to get severe migraines several times a week. Stress, certain foods, and even the change of weather are triggers for my migraines. Whether it was regular missed days at work or a bad mood from having dealt with the debilitating head pain, migraines affected my daily functioning, and eventually, my enjoyment of life.

Fortunately, so I thought, there is medicine available to make the pain completely go away quickly or simply reduce the pain to a point that I could deal with it.  For many years, I have taken doctor-prescribed medicine to minimize the manifestation of headaches.  One of the organs in the human body that metabolizes these drugs is the liver, and as I came to learn the hard way, the migraine medicine contributed to the development of my fatty-liver condition.  Earlier this year I also learned that I had Ulcerative Colitis.  So, I found myself taking medicine for the UC, my liver and for my migraines.

Since beginning acupuncture treatment I have stopped taking all medication and I am 90% free from migraines. When I do have a migraine, it is not as strong as it used to be. My UC condition has been in remission all along, and I my liver condition is improving.

Both Adam and Howard have offered me a holistic treatment plan, complementing the acupuncture sessions with a comprehensive detoxification program, Chinese herbs and natural supplements.  I highly recommend Howard and Adam to anyone who is serious about getting, and staying disease free.  Their treatment plans are flexible and comprehensive. They are passionate about healing people and keeping them free from illness.”  -Ronaldo

Frozen Shoulder

“I began treatment with Acupuncturist Doctors Moskow (father, Howard and son, Adam) for digestive issues and a ‘frozen’ shoulder (unable to move my left arm more than a few inches).  Their office is a relaxing / spa-like setting  with soothing music, where I learned about Chinese medicine and their philosophy of “practical healing” — their goal is not to keep seeing you as a patient, they want to cure you and give you the tools to live a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve never had acupuncture treatment performed on me before, but both Doctors Moskow radiate calmness & inspire confidence.  I am still amazed when I think back on that first time–Dr. Moskow put in a few needles in my legs which then created a warm sensation throughout my body and for the first time in over a month I was able to raise my left arm. After a few weeks of treatment I have regained almost full mobility of my left shoulder and my digestive issues have receded as well.  It seems like a miracle that my shoulder could have recovered without drugs or cortisone injections.  Don’t get me wrong, after the acupuncture treatment, I still needed to exercise my shoulder, but the acupuncture treatments enabled me to get to the point where such actions were effective..

If I had to summarize what the Wellness Center means to me, I would say:  ’empowerment’–both Drs. Moskow are eager to share their knowledge and skills with their patients, thereby helping us achieve  the best gift possible — optimal health.”  -Hanna

Stomach Pain with Gallbladder Dysfunction

“I write this testimonial in hope that all those who read it will gain further insight about acupuncture. In addition, will benefit from my medical history to be shared. I am a thirty-eight year old female who is in excellent health overall. I strive to lead a healthy and balance lifestyle while keeping up with the pace of reality. I am also a Nurse Practitioner who has been practicing Adult Internal Medicine for over seventeen years and while i know the benefits in what i do for the patients that under my medical care, i also embrace alternative medicine. There is no doubt in my mind western medicine and eastern medicine are complementary to any medical condition. In fact, more medical statistics and studies are proving this to be valid.

In late March 2010, I suddenly developed a dull, burning epigastric pain which remained persistent. I called my primary medical provider and we both attempted to arrive at a preliminary diagnosis over the phone, unsuccessful we were and hesitantly i went to the emergency room. The emergency room did some blood work, intravenous meds and an ultrasound which revealed negative results. My pain subsided slightly and i was discharged with heartburn medication. I continued with epigastric pain which progressively became excruciating with constant vomiting. I returned to the emergency room the following morning in distress. After eight needle sticks, intravenous morphine for pain, intravenous Zofran for nausea/vomiting, bolus of intravenous fluids, a heart monitor, another abdominal ultrasound (which remained negative), and finally a Cat Scan of my abdominal region, i left with diminished pain but no diagnosis. I then followed with up with a Gastro-intestinal specialist, who diagnosed me with biliary dyskinesia (decrease motility of the bile in the biliary ducts which causes severe spasms and colic pains). After consulting with other colleagues- medical doctors, a general surgeon and having a three hour HIDA scan done, the consensus was to have a cholecystectomy (get my gallbladder removed).

After i personally reviewed all my medical results, I opted to bear the excruciating pains and see if i could wait it out. After 5 days of excruciating, spastic, colicky pains, rolling in bed, tears in my eyes and heavily contemplating going to the hospital; Adam placed some needles in me and eased my pains. It took a series of acupuncture treatments, healing energy treatments, magnetic seeds and a gallbladder detox supplement to restore my health. Thank you both, Adam and Howard for sharing your knowledge and healing touch with me. May Wellness and Acupuncture of Fort Lauderdale continue to restore vitality and optimal health in all those who are fortunate enough to encounter your center.”  -Anita

Body Pain, Digestion Problems & Weight Loss

“I decided to contact Wellness and Acupuncture because I had everyday pain due to series of automobile accidents.  I had digestion problems due to yo-yo dieting, problems with weight gain and adult acne.  I would wake up everyday and literally felt like a truck ran over my body, I would be in so much pain doing daily tasks.  Eating was difficult and I did not know what to eat and how it was going to affect me after I was done eating. I did not want to continue life with my pain so I made the call.  I never thought this was not going to work.  I knew it would, but how fast it did was amazing. In matter of days my

body-ache (pain) was literally gone.  I didn’t know something like that could work so well, so fast.  I feel like I am writing a TV commercial.  It’s true, it works, my acne is all gone, my body feels great, and my weight is coming off. I feel great, so great, that sometimes I cannot believe I had lived with these pain for so long.  I enjoyed coming to the quiet atmosphere at Wellness and Acupuncture.  Adam and Howard are great team, they allow you to feel at ease with the treatments and also explain the various treatments that they perform.  I experienced a wonderful treatments with two delightful people.  They are well informed and greatly educate you to the world of alternative medicine.  I would do it all over again.  Thank you guys for giving me my life back!” –Danise

Constipation, Bloating, Fatigue

“I had constipation, bloating and fatigue. Stress caused a lot of it.  The combination of treatments were very effective.   Howard and Adam are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain why and how acupuncture works. The Chinese philosophies are also very spiritual which was very helpful because many of my conditions were caused by emotional discord.  Whatever you may be needing, be it pain relief, or something like I had, acupuncture is very beneficial and an enjoyable experience.  A treatment can be like a therapy session because Adam & Howard care about what is going on in your life, which can actually be causing your problem!  At Wellness and Acupuncture you can smile, laugh and talk about yourself while you are in a soothing environment.”  -Debra